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Robbie Seed

Robbie Seed (Damian Strugarek) was born on the 11 of January of 1990. He comes from the Polish city of Poznań. He has been interested in electronic music since he was a child. His adventure with music production started in 2008. Within a year, he released his first EP titled 'Phatso' on Colorful Recordings. His debut also saw a massive support by the legend Tiesto on Club Life 145.

For years he created music in search of his own style and after 2 years of production he landed his first Armin van Buuren support on the iconic 'A State Of Trance' radio. He teamed up with Dimension and their collaboration called 'Blue Line' was featured on ASOT 470.This was a crucial moment which fueled the motivation to work even harder, which resulted in a moment he will never forget; a double support on ASOT 586 by Armin van Buuren playing the tracks Kalypso and Devosa.

Following many successful supports from top tier artists, Robbie continued to apply himself and improve his craft. 2019 turned out to be the breakthrough year for Robbie when he teamed up with the talented vocalist That Girl (Tanya van Schalkwyk) from South Africa.Their first single together titled 'Behind That Pretty Smile' was signed immediately by the trance legend Paul Van Dyk and released it on the iconic Vandit label. 'Behind That Pretty Smile 'went on being supported 7 times back to back on 'VONYC Sessions', and also included as one of PVD's personal picks for 'Best of VANDIT Records 2019'.

For Damian and Tanya, this was only the beginning of their musical journey. Their next project together titled 'Come Alive' was picked by Solarstone, which was crowned as his favorite release of 2019 on his 'Pure Trance NEON' label.

The greatest things were yet to come. In the second half of 2019 they caught the eye of Armada superstar Andrew Rayel and that was the day their lives excelled and came an opportunity of a lifetime. Robbie Seed and That Girl came together to work with Andrew Rayel on a massive vocal anthem titled 'Stars Collide'. This was a monumental moment as this track was picked up by the mighty Armin van Buuren on his flagship label 'Armind'. For Robbie, this has been his greatest achievement in his music career so far, and he is super proud and humble to have these accomplishments.

His latest single 'Rainy Days' was included on 'Find Your Harmony Vol. 1' compilation mixed by Andrew Rayel which is out on 'inHarmony Music' (Armada). Expect a lot of new melodic and emotional masterpieces coming out of Robbie's studio, in which one of it will be released soon on 'inHarmony Music'. Do not miss out!

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